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Top ten football clubs that pay the highest wages

14 November 2016 Sports

Apart from the Premier League teams the top ten is filled out by the continental giants of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Just 30-odd miles down the road and Manchester United are now paying the highest wages in world football after their summer acquisitions of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were added to highly-paid incumbents like Wayne Rooney.

United’s squad earns an average of £5.77 million a year, equivalent to £110,000 a week, almost double that at Anfield.

Liverpool are also behind Manchester City (third at £5.42m/£104,000 per week), Chelsea (fifth at £4.51m/£86,000 per week) and Arsenal (ninth at £3.70m/£71,000 per week) in wages paid.

Everton pay an average of £41,000 per week which places them 15th in the global league of payers in football.



1. Manchester United – £5.77m/£110K pw

2. Barcelona – £5.65/£108k pw

3. Manchester City – £5.42/£104k pw

4. Real Madrid – £5.05m/£97k pw

5. Chelsea – £4.51m/£86k pw

6. Paris St Germain – £4.47m/£86k pw

7. Bayern Munich – £4.16m/£80k pw

8. Juventus – £3.97m/£76k pw

9. Arsenal – £3.7m/£71k pw

10. LIVERPOOL – £3.01m/£57k pw


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