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Reasons I lost to Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton

13 November 2016 POLITICS World

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has blamed Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Director James Comey for her defeat to Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election.


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Clinton reportedly made this known in a conference call with her top campaign donors on Saturday, November 12.

According to two participants on the call, Trump was able to seize on both of Comey’s statements and used them to attack Clinton.

The participants also revealed that Clinton told her supporters on Saturday that her team had drafted a memo, which looked at the changing opinion polls leading up to the election, but the letter from Comey proved to be a turning point, Reuters reports. The memo prepared by Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said: “Voters who decided which candidate to support in the last week were more likely to support Trump than Clinton. “In the end, late breaking developments in the race proved one hurdle too many for us to overcome.”

Clinton has kept a low profile since her defeat after delivering her concession speech on Wednesday morning, November 9.

But it is believed that Comey’s decision to go public with the renewed examination of her (Clinton)’s email server had caused an erosion of support in the upper Midwest. Comey had announced a probe into Clinton’s private emails found on shamed sext-text former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop just weeks before the election. The FBI chief issued two bombshell letters to Congress right before the election. The first disclosed that agents had seized a laptop shared by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner. The laptop contained more than 600,000 emails related to a previous investigation into Clinton’s private email server, which was wrapped up in July.

Several days later, Comey issued a second letter saying the FBI had analyzed the new materials and hadn’t changed its conclusion that there was no reason to prosecute Clinton. But it was believed that Comey’s second announcement clearing Clinton of wrongdoing days before Americans went to the polls actually helped billionaire Trump reach the White House.



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