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Ifeoluwa Robert

Ifeoluwa Robert is a fast-rising radio presenter with a difference who joined Quest FM as a social media executive but his love for the microphone soon earned him a place at the presenters’ table. His affinity for word play, rhymes and rap music earned him the alias: Yours Truly I-F-E on the M-I-C.

His radio sojourn began with the popular Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) during his youth service (NYSC). His performance at the orientation fetched him a posting to a Media house in Bayelsa, where He was able to successfully transform “Ajuwaya”, an NYSC-oriented talkshow, to the delight of Bayelsan youths. From then, he has had stints at some radio stations in Delta State.

Apart from being on radio and tweeting or posting on Facebook and IG, lol, Ife loves listening to music while writing his own rhymes.

Ifeoluwa Robert,