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At least 101 killed in Congo militia clashes: U.N.

15 February 2017 World

Soldiers targeting the Kamwina Nsapu militia group in central Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 101 people between February 9 and February 13, including 39 women, the U.N. said on Tuesday.

The soldiers reportedly fired indiscriminately with machine guns when they saw the militia fighters, armed with machetes and spears.

While hundreds have died, tens of thousands have been uprooted in Central Congo in recent months following battles between security forces and the militia, who are seeking to avenge the death of their leader Kamwina Nsapu.

Analysts say militia violence in Congo, a tinderbox of conflicts linked to land, ethnicity and mineral resources, has been exacerbated by President Joseph Kabila’s failure to step down when his constitutional mandate expired in December.


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