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Nigeria’s taxpayer population hits 33m, says Fowler 

27 November 2018 National

Taxpayer  population in the country is set to hit 33 million, chairman, Joint Tax Board (JTB) and executive chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Tunde Fowler, said at the 142nd meeting of the JTB in Bauchi State.

according to fowler, the ongoing database
consolidation of the JTB, an initiative being executed in collaboration with the Nigeria  Interbank  Settlement  System  (NIBSS), has shown that the population paying tax in the country, is now well over 33 million.

He  said having this consolidated database, which is clean and credible, opens the door to immense opportunities for the tax administrator at all levels while expressing optimism that investment in
infrastructure will foster efficiency in taxpayer management.

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